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Transform Your Home With Custom, Hand-Crafted Doors.

With a Byrcon door, you're not just getting a door. You're commissioning a work of art, brought to life from your unique vision.

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"These guys are craftsmen."

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“I'm never going back to factory-produced doors again.”

Do you feel like all doors look...the same? You're far from alone.


Mass-produced doors are often bland. Unimpressive. They blend in when they should stand out, and they rarely match the distinctive character of your home.

What's worse, factory-produced doors aren't built to last. Notice any chipping or splintering? That's the "hollow core" curse. With all the daily opening, closing, and the occasional slamming, doors endure a lot. And inevitably, they beg for a replacement.

But you know better. You understand the value of true craftsmanship. Isn't it time for a door that does more than just open and close?

Imagine this – a door that isn't just functional, but also a conversation piece.

A door that’s an extension of you, that you can't help but admire every time you pass by. A one-of-a-kind door, tailor-made for you.

And it doesn't just look good. This door stands the test of time. It’s solid, handcrafted from mahogany, oak, or cherry. This isn't just another factory item; it's a labour of love by a single craftsman.

Now, picture the awestruck faces of your friends and family as they step into your home. Your door isn't just a door; it's an artistic statement.

Can your dream become reality? That's where Byrcon comes in.

Byrcon brings your dream door to life. Solid wood, custom designed to the smallest detail.

We’re talking handcrafted and tailor-made – just for you. We’re not running an assembly line here, but a labour of love. Every Byrcon door is a special project, brought to life from a single piece of hand-selected lumber by one of our skilled craftsmen.

"Rare to see, but these guys are craftsmen. A wonderful team to work with."


It’s a better door in every way.

Built to last.

With care, a solid wood door can outlive its owner.

Easily rejuvenate.

Even years later, your door can be refinished like new.

Quiet as a mouse.

Solid wood doors have incredible sound insulation.

The texture of real wood.

Like the tree it was borne from, each door has its own unique character.

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Design your door with a pro by your side.


Dream & Design

Schedule an appointment with our craftsman to get the process started and we'll review your ideas, sketches, and inspiration. Need some help? We can always start with a base style and customize from there.


Narrow Things Down

Choose every element of your door, from the design to the hardware to the type of glass. Once you approve the final CAD drawing, the magic begins - the handcrafting, the building, the creation of your door.

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Your Door Is Delivered

Your door arrives at your doorstep, ready to be stained or painted, typically within a week of completion.

Customize to your heart's delight. 

At Byrcon, we build doors that mirror your unique style. That's why we give you a world of customization options to make your "masterpiece".

Door Styles

Choose from over 54 diverse styles for interior or exterior doors. Don't worry – we'll help you find the perfect match.

Wood Species

We offer 12 species of wood, from classics like walnut and hard maple to Sapele mahogany and oak.


Details matter. From hinge tip to finish, tailor each element to match your door's unique look.


Craft your door right down to the knobs, entry sets, knockers, and plates. You're in control over every detail.

Your dream door is waiting. Are you ready?

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“Excellent customer service and amazing product. Definite choice for anyone who wants the best!”

– Maja S.

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"Rare to see but these guys are craftsmen. A wonderful team to work with."


"Very professional and good turnaround timing."


"Custom doors built to order. Very friendly and easy to see communicate with."


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer finishing?

At this time, we don't offer finishing. Your custom manufactured, solid wood door will be delivered "stain ready". Staining should be done within 7 days.

What wood species do you recommend?

For interior doors, all species are available. For exterior doors, we suggest Quarter Sawn Sapele Mahogany for the most economical solid wood exterior door and Quarter Sawn White Oak for a door that will outlast all of us.

Do you offer primed doors?

All our doors are delivered unprimed and unfinished. Your door will be delivered with a care guide, including instructions for handling and staining.

Do wood doors shrink and warp?

Wood is always moving based on its environment. We take steps in the manufacturing process to allow for movement within the door itself so that the door will succeed. In order to maintain the original state of the door, it's important that each door is treated with a sealing finish within 7 days of delivery or pickup. Doors need to be stored flat until installed.

Can I paint a wood door?

Yes, you can. Any finish can be applied, but an oil finish will best suit a wood door.

Are your interior doors prehung?

We offer our doors prehung or as slabs ready for your carpenter to hang them.

Do you ship to the US and Canada?

Absolutely. While we build our doors in Niagara, Ontario, Canada, we can ship anywhere in North America.

Your dream door is waiting. Are you ready?

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